Palliative Approach to Care for Workers who Support People who are Homeless in Canada

This website contains two of three parts of a course on a palliative approach to care for workers who support people who are homeless.

The course consists of

Part 1: e-Learning

Part 2: in-person workshop

Part 3: online resources.

To obtain information about a facilitator’s guide for Part 2 (in-person workshop), contact

This course was developed as the result of a collaboration between the SE Research Centre and a Steering Committee of palliative care experts from Toronto, Victoria, and Calgary.

Through a co-design process, the topics to include in the course and ways of learning the information were identified by workers providing care to people with life-limiting or chronic illnesses. To read more about the development of the course, click here and here.

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Learn about a palliative approach to care through the life-like story of Angela, a worker, and Stephan, an individual experiencing homelessness.

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